Nourished Mama Method

The Masterclass in Your Perfect Health.


What if you could... wake up everyday with a body and mind full of energy (with no caffeine required)?
What if you could... move through each and every day with sustained and reliable energy?
What if you could... crave all of the foods that your mind says you should eat?
What if you could... hit the pillow each and every night feeling satisfied from the inside out, ready for sleep (and stay asleep all night)?
What if you could... age with tremendous strength and grace?

Would you like to enjoy the fullness of your unique life without relying on fad diets and exercise or even unnecessary medications and supplements?

Here’s how most ambitious women live day-to-day:

  • They wake up super tired with a massively long to-do list and struggle to find the joyful motivation to get the day going.
  • Then they live in a life that is full of doing. doing, doing… going, going, going. Work hard to give the best of themselves to the world and provide the best that they can for their families and communities. She’ll focus on herself… later.
  • Deal with generally being “tired and wired” which makes it hard to focus in the daytime and get good sleep at night. 
Unfortunately this process continues and eventually… they lose their lust for the life that they’ve created.


Hi! I'm Jessica.
Founder of The Nourished Mama Method.

In a nutshell, I’m an ambitious mama with big-time expectations! After having established a career in the nonprofit and corporate worlds, I ditched it all to devote my life and energy to being the best possible version of myself - someone that my family would be proud to call “mama”.

My turning point happened in 2017 when our family moved to the beach for a year. We desperately needed to take a step back from the grind and figure out our true priorities in life.

At the time of this big move, I had to leave my sexy-on-the-outside corporate job. I got to take a big, deep breath and really feel into my years of yoga practices and dove head first into the world of Ayurveda (yoga's lifestyle medicine). I looked around and saw that my community of mamas would greatly benefit from a healthy holistic lifestyle. Women want to thoroughly enjoy life as their kids grow and change (they change so fast!) and this can be a reality for anyone.

Women need something intelligent, wise, and time-tested to anchor into for living with fullness and joy!

This is where The Nourished Mama Method was born - through years of teaching yoga and counseling others to rediscover the joy of healthy living.

My Education + Qualifications

- Bachelor's Degree in History (2009)
- Minor in Classical Studies (2009)
- 40 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (2010)
- 200 Hour Integrative Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training (2012)
- 2 Year Ayurvedic Health Counselor Training (2019)

Ambitious mamas (entrepreneurs, SAHMs, corporate and nonprofit managers, etc) looking to feel their best for life.

Who I Don’t Work With
People looking for a one-size-fits-most program or solution. My system is dedicated to mamas who want to take charge of their life and health in a way that works with their individual needs.


    • I teach you how to listen to your body’s unique cues so that you can create your ideal diet and daily routines that will provide lifelong nourishment.
    • I ditched fad diets and exercise routines 10 years ago and have only been getting more vibrant with each passing year.
    • I’ve dedicated my personal life to the enjoyment of even the most rote days and being fully in love with the people in my life. Irritations and frustrations have been growing fewer and farther between!
    • I’ll teach you how to stock your kitchen in a way that honors your body with no need for specialized supplements + how to move your body in a way that allows you to “work out” literally anytime you want with no need for specialized classes.
    • I’ll support you with LIVE interactions 1x per week + unlimited daily support via chat and Voxer.
    • I’ll equip you with the tools you need to create your best possible health today and guide you to creating long lasting vibrancy.
    • I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material and support.
    • I’ll teach you how to find joy and contentment to help you overcome your mental blocks.
    • I care deeply for your fulfillment, purpose, mission, and holistic transformation.

how it works

When you sign up to work with me, you'll be given access to the first training + direct 1:1 support.
This offer is limited to only 10 women.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have your very own healthy living handbook created just for you. You can keep this on your computer or print it out for screen-free reference whenever you want it.

Do you feel like you're constantly spinning? Do you often feel "tired and wired" at the end of your days? You don't have to feel this way. Together, we'll begin weeks 1-3 with a simple recipe book + setting strategic boundaries. You'll begin to create a custom plan to harmonize your daily energy. Get ready to smooth out your days!

Don't worry. I'm not going to take away your coffee! Weeks 4-6 are not at all about restricting your diet. Instead, you'll gain access to The Nourished Mama Method - my signature process for creating a customized nourishment plan that your body craves. Learning how to eat for your mind-body type, setting up your kitchen (and grocery lists) for maximum efficiency, and diving into a sense of intelligent playfulness around your food choices. I'll be taking all the guesswork out of what foods to eat for optimal energy, focus, and cellular nourishment. Prepare for the ultimate glow-up!

Weeks 7-9 are all about pulling these benefits into your mind and body so that you'll never have the guilt of a diet "cheat" again. Plus you'll also learn how to incorporate movement into your days in a way that works with your specific needs and lifestyle. This is where you begin to tap into the depth of your unique practices and begin to shine from the inside out.

Weeks 10-12 are where you will set yourself up for lifelong success. In this module you will learn how to turn your life's "peaks and valleys" into more sustainable "ebbs and flows".Life will get messy and challenges will arise. Setting yourself up on the foundation that honors your needs helps you meet life's inevitable challenges with strength, grace, and resiliency.

“Jessica is a compelling teacher who communicates ancient theories and practices in a modern, approachable way. A highly respectable teacher!” 

Rachel Rhodes
Registered Nurse
Mama of 3 (ages 2-12)

“If you are thinking about it or curious, definitely take some time to talk with Jess. She is so caring, authentic, and loving.”

Sara Robinson
Life Coach
Mama of 3 (ages 6-12)

“Jess has an amazing background in healing. I have turned to her for so many things to help guide me into being a whole person.”

Jamie Pilley
Territory Manager
Mama of M (age 2)

“Jess has provided me with the strategies, support, and mindset shifts I needed to overcome the stifling effects that sometimes come with motherhood…. I feel liberated and empowered!” 

Shauna Van Mourik
Mama of 3 (ages 2-6)

The Nourished Mama method

This is a 12-week, high touch 1:1 program that gives you the support to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that deeply honors your body and life’s unique needs.

You will receive:

  • - 12 weeks of health counseling
  • - Detailed curriculum
  • - 1 weekly 1:1 call
  • - Weekly training videos + bonus content
  • - Access to chat support Monday through Friday
  • - Your very own healthy-living handbook curated just for you
  • - LIFETIME access to all program and material upgrades
Ready to get nourished?


Want to see if we’re a good fit to work together? Click the button below and we can hop on a quick 30 minute Discovery Call together. During this call we can chat about your goals, get to know each other and see if it’s the perfect fit.

There’s zero pressure and zero sales pitch :) At the end of our 30 minute call, you’ll either decide that you’d like to continue our work together and I’ll extend an invitation OR if it’s not a good fit, that’s alright too -- I will suggest something else to help guide you into the direction of achieving your goals.