It's time to feel better.

How's your food feeling in your belly? 

Because you probably shouldn't even feel it when it's there.

Ideally your body will give you regular hunger cues at the same time each day. Ideally you'd eat food that leaves you feeling fully satisfied. nourished, and even energized.

The fall season is my most favorite time of year to reset my food habits. Join me in discovering how wonderful an intentional menu can feel!

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Wanna dive in deeper? Check out my service offerings below.

Ways to Work Together

Mojo Rising

This 8-week course is here to help you get your groove back in your post-pregnancy life. Are you ready to (re)claim your sexual prowess in a healthy and sustainable (and totally satisfying) way? Click the link below to learn more.

Ayurvedic Health Counseling

This 1:1 is here to help to guide you toward healing + feeling your best. These options all come with personal recommendation + followup calls to help keep you focused and motivated.

Nourished Mama Method

This is my signature 12-week  program. You will learn how to master your own sleeping habits, create your body's ideal metabolism, and have sustained daily energy. You get focused attention, lifetime access to education, and your very own Nourished Mama Manual.